In 1992, Mr. Albert Tan decided to take the bold step of developing a brand of his own, beginning with consignment counter in departmental stores. PONEY opened its very first boutique in The Mines Shopping Mall in 1997, showcasing the complete range of products in baby and children apparel. With very promising results, PONEY then established its flagship store at the countera��s premier shopping mall, the KLCC Shopping Mall in 1999. PONEY has positioned itself as one of the leading brands and is ranked among other international brands in all leading departmental stores.

PONEY has over the years progressively and aggressively expanded its distribution networks; and today, it has proudly received remarkable support from millions of customers. PONEY has made its international appearances in Singapore, China, Indonesia, Middle East and other countries.

The three core brands: PONEY, BABY PONEY and PONEY ENFANTS, each delivers superior quality products and exceptional services; gaining loves and supports from customers and business partners. We are now proactively expanding PONEY fashion blueprint, bringing the joyful experience to all the little angels around the world.

albertPONEY Group Executive Chairman – Mr. Albert Tan


A message by the Founder of PONEY

“Passion in visual merchandising inspired us to create fashion that brings out childrena��s happiness.”

Mr. Albert Tan is the mastermind of PONEY’s elevation to the ranks of international children’s apparel brands.

Years in textile industry are the fundamental to grow a kids fashion brand. Our founder, Mr. Albert Tan has more than 20 years of textile industry experience under his belt. Ever since then, he has been involving in overall marketing and operation activities of PONEY GROUP. He has always kept abreast with the latest trends of kids apparel market, and has a good sense of Asia fashion industry too.

The inspiration for PONEY came from the desire to create genuine and long-lasting happiness for the children. I want our creations to bring out childrena��s youthful exuberance and their joyful feeling. Thata��s my ultimate goal. Together with the inspiration and passion in visual merchandising, we are able to stand tall in the childrena��s apparel industry.

Nothing is more important Cheap charboleps than the voice of our customers. I have to admit, PONEY does take pride in listening to our customers. We listen to both childrena��s and parentsa�� needs, as we believe that understanding their needs and wants will be the greatest source of ideas for us to deliver great products and excellent services to them. After all, parents always want the best for their children. Our passion for customersa�� happiness lies in the comfort and sense of satisfaction (value for money) we provide to each and every customer.

The strong internal ethos of collaboration, dedication and trust is what makes PONEY stands out from other childrena��s apparel brands. We bound to closely monitor our quality and safety of our production line, with improvisation in innovation and technology. We strongly adhere to quality assurance, as well as indispensable innovation in design. Ultimately, we want to deliver the best products to our customers, and enhance their shopping experiences in our stores. I believe that commitment and engagement are the drives to lead PONEY into its next chapter.

a�?To be the worlda��s No. 1 childrena��s apparel branda�? is our vision. In order to achieve that, establishing PONEY Flagship Stores will be our future expansion plans. We aspire to gain a foothold in the Asian markets, before expanding our stores to the rest of the world. We anticipated that PONEY will reach a significant milestone in becoming a global household name for childrena��s apparel brand.

PONEY, giving you the unprecedented fashion experience enjoyment!








The essential key of PONEY’s Evolutionary Fashion

“Designing clothes has always been my gratification; and with each piece, I hope to give a gift that inspires the kids to explore their lives creatively and happily.”

Sharon Ng is an extremely talented fashion designer. She is a dedicated and passionate fabric artisan with a taste for creating structural garments for the lovely kids. She had a way of creating a world around her a�� this contemporary, classic, glamorous, colourful world a�� that all kids immediately wanted to be a part of. And the clothes, of course, were the way in. Through her creations, PONEY becomes a happy wonderland that every kid would want to go to.

1) How do you stay up to date with PONEY fashion?

I will normally arrange my time to travel to Europe, attending global trade shows and exhibitions several times in a year. Also, I will browse through the Internet to stay updated with todaya��s children fashion.

2) What do you believe that makes a quality article of clothing?

The texture of the fabrics has to be very fine and delicate to babiesa�� skins. In order to have good quality clothing, we have gone through all the fabric testing and safety compliances before finalizing and presenting to the consumers. Undeniably, workmanship is also equally important.

3) Your designs show a lot of attention to detail. What’s your favourite combination of materials when you are designing a collection?

PONEY designs a wide range of designs; I do not restraint my choices of materials. The best quality of fabrics will always be my first choice to create the best look.

4) Do you have a person in mind when you design?

I usually visualize a comfort and contemporary designs from simple ideas. I always want to see the kids wearing PONEY, looking smart and presentable at any occasion.

5) What do you expect the children to feel when they wear one of your creations?

They will feel at ease in their new clothes, running freely at the playground.

6) What can we expect from your new PONEY collection?

In fashion, it is important to analyze our designs in depth and width in every season according to the latest trends. Fashion is a constant evolution, yet it is essential to keep the classic touch of elegance and originality.

7) Whata��s in the future for the PONEY kidsa�� apparel?

PONEY Kids apparel will look contemporary, simplicity and lives beyond the season. In the near future, apart from clothing, we will also diversify into accessories. I do believe that PONEY will be a promising brand to the kids.

logo_poneyPONEY Executive Director – Ms. Sharon Ng